4 Oakdale Drive is home to Tony Hutchinson and his wife Diane O'Connor and their children Dee Dee Hutchinson and Ant Hutchinson and Diane|Diane Hutchinson]] nephew Scott Drinkwell.4 Oakdale Drive is also the former home of Tony Hutchinson son Harry Thompson but he moved out after his father disapproved of his relationship Ste Hay 4 Oakdale Drive as also been home to Tony Hutchinsons to stepchildren Sinead O'Connor and Finn O'Connor Sinead O'Connor left with her daughter Hannah Hay-O'Connor after Ste Hays affair was exposed with Harry Thompson Finn O'Connor also left after he was found guilty of the rape of John Paul McQueen and attempted rape of Nancy Osborne.4 Oakdale Drive was home to Sinead O'Connor daughter Katy O'Connor but left after she died. Harry Thompson moved back after his break up in June 2016, and when Ste Hay and Harry got back together in July 2016, Tony invited him to move in. In January 2017, Diane returned with her niece Lily Drinkwell.

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