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Adam Donovan

Adam donovan

First Appearance
6 April 2016
Last Appearance
Jesse Donovan
Liam Donovan (Brothers)
Grace Black (Half Sister)
Tracey Donovan (Mother)
Portrayed By

Adam Donovan is one of the brothers of Jesse Donovan and Liam Donovan.Also half brother to Grace Black.Uncle to Curtis Royle.He is portrayed by Jimmy Essex.

Characterisation Edit

A show insider has teased that Adam has "a strong conscience, which stops him from straying over certain lines that Grace wouldn't think twice about crossing."

Arrival Edit

Adam first appears driving the car which Liam and Jesse are on. He promises never to return as Grace Black is the presumed 'boss' of the village.

Intro Edit

2016: Adam stands in a magazine-like studio.

2016-: Adam shows of his blazer in the salon.

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