Adam Morgan


Portrayed by
David Brown
First Appearance
10 May 1999
Last Appearance
13 June 2003
Andy Morgan (Father)
Sue Morgan (Mother)
Luke Morgan (Brother)
Beth Morgan (Sister)
Zara Morgan (Sister)
Current Location
New York

Adam Morgan played by David Brown made his first on-screen appearance in 1999 and his last in 2003.

Storylines Edit

Heartthrob Adam Morgan entered Hollyoaks as the enigmatic new lifeguard at the college pool and was a hit with the female swimmers. Adam had a brief fling with Jasmine "Jas" Bates and then moved on to his Australian lover, Kerri. However, Kerri wanted Adam to move to Australia with her, but he decided to stay in Hollyoaks and finish his degree.

After his brother Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) had been raped and his parents were going through a divorce, Adam was very supportive to Luke and his younger sisters Beth Morgan (Kate Baines) and Zara Morgan (Kelly Greenwood). He began to date college fresher Geri Hudson (Joanna Taylor) for a small while until he turned his attentions to Izzy Cornwell (Elize du Toit). Adam dumped Geri and started dating Izzy, but that ended in a disaster after Izzy discovered that Adam had cameras up in Tony Hutchinson’s (Nick Pickard) house for a college project. Adam tried to make up with Izzy, but she made it clear that their relationship was over. Adam’s old friend Jamie Nash (Stefan Booth) turned up and stayed with the Morgan's as the pair bonded well together. Adam's brother Luke decided to move on and left Hollyoaks after bidding farewell and thanking Adam for his support during some tough days.

During New Years, Adam and the rest of the Morgan family were shocked to see Jamie and Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn) naked on their sofa. It resulted in Adam’s mum throwing Jamie out of the house, whilst Adam had had enough of Mandy’s behaviour towards his family. Adam went after Mandy, who tried escaping in her car, but Adam jumped in. After telling Adam to get out numerous times, Mandy then drove off quickly. Eventually, Mandy stopped the car and undid Adam's seat belt, but Adam still refused to get out of the car as the pair continued to argue. Mandy drove fast, however soon she lost control of the car and could not stop. The car ended up falling from a hill and landing on a railway. Mandy survived with a few cuts and bruises, while Adam was told he may never walk again and that he was lucky to still stay alive.

Later his younger sister Beth confessed to him that she had been raped by Scott Anderson (Daniel Hyde). This left Adam more devastated and he supported his little sister through her trial and was angered when Scott got away.

Adam’s character took a turn for the worse and became moody, arrogant, and frustrated because he was stuck in a wheelchair. Adam went to Canada to visit Luke and returned with some movement in his legs. Adam built the bridge with Mandy as the pair started to become good friends. He comforted Mandy after she was dumped by Toby Mills (Henry Luxemburg), and the pair ended up kissing and having a secret relationship together, but no one knew about it.

Yet there was another shock for Adam during Adam’s mum and dad’s remarriage, brother Luke had returned. Mandy and Luke were ex-lovers and sparks flew when Mandy saw Luke, and Adam felt devastated. Mandy ended up sleeping with Luke, and Luke later discovered that Mandy was in a relationship with Adam. Luke ended up dumping Mandy, and so did Adam, after he found out she slept with Luke.

After Luke returned to Canada, Adam was in his final year of his degree and was saddened by the death of friend Jamie Nash. Adam comforted Jamie’s ex Becca Hayton (Ali Bastian), but they ended up kissing and Becca ended up walking out on him. Adam was confused, but Becca told Adam she wants to take their relationship, one step at a time. His relationship with Becca began to progress as the pair began to get closer with each other and they decided to move in together. For a change, things were looking good for Adam as he completed his degree, started taking his first steps of walking, and was offered a job in New York. Adam’s dream had finally come true; however, Becca had other plans for Adam's future for Adam. This opportunity in New York was far too good for Adam to miss, and despite several attempts from Becca trying to persuade Adam to stay in Chester, he made his final decision. Adam jetted off to New York to make a fresh start after a tough four years in Chester and hoping to succeed his dream as a director.

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