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Alex Browning

Alex browning

First Appearance
13 February 2014
Last Appearance
3 March 2014
Paul Browning (Father)
Helen Browning (Mother)
Mercedes McQueen (Stepmother)
Hilton Cunningham (Half Brother)
Bobby McQueen (step-brother)
Portrayed By

Alex Browning, played by Ojan Genc, made his first screen appearance on 13 February 2014. The character and Genc's casting were announced on 12 January 2014 via the Daily Star. Alex is the son of Doctor Browning (Joseph Thompson), a character who last appeared on Hollyoaks in 2013. He was murdered following an altercation with Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe). Alex will arrive in the village hoping to avenge his father's death and becomes suspicious of Mercedes.

Characterisation Edit

He has been billed as having "obvious similarities" to Doctor Browning which leaves Mercedes feeling "unsettled".

Arrival Edit

Mercedes arrived at Helen's house, after her friend Cindy was impregnated by Browning and her son needed a bone marrow transplant, his son Alex opens the door. She asks if Helen is at the house, and Alex presumes that she is a cleaner. He reveals that he has a girlfriend, is studying biology and physics at university and becomes attracted to her. After they sleep together, Mercedes decides to go and he soon uncovers that Mercedes is his stepmother. He confronts her about his father's disappearance, but she walks out of the house.