Alfie and Jade is the relationship between Alfie Nightingale and Jade Albright.

Biography Edit

Jade grows close to Alfie Nightingale (Richard Linnell), who confides in her about his own battle with cancer. Eventually, Jade is formerly diagnosed with a type of cancer known as Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which shatters her and her family. When Alfie breaks up with Jade, given that their relationship is on and off, Jade breaks down, saying she hates herself being sick. Alfie later reveals to Jade that he loves her. He helps her overcome her fear of cancer by shaving his hair off, as does Jade. After cutting their hair off, Alfie tells Jade that his previous cancer has returned, shocking Rachel Hardy, who comes in with Jack.

Jade becomes close to her foster brother Tom (Ellis Hollis) after

her break up with Alfie. Jade's friend Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell) becomes extremely jealous. Jade is heartbroken when Tom breaks up with her and goes to Peri. Peri takes this advantage to bully Jade about her cancer online and teams with Nico Blake (Persephone Swales-Dawson) who also bullies her. Jade gets back with Alfie but Peri and Nico decide to split them up. Peri attempts to kiss Alfie although Alfie rebuffs her advances; he refuses to tell Jade what happened. Peri and Nico decide to give Jade a makeover for a dinner with Alfie, however, Alfie is shocked with Jade's sense of dressing, leaving Jade heartbroken. Nico attempts to convince Jade to speak to Alfie, while Peri pours a drink on her top, leaving her to change into Alfie's top. Jade tries to talk to Alfie but the door is opened by Peri wearing Alfie's top. Peri falsely tells Jade that she and Alfie slept together. Jade attempts to bunk school but Sonia realizes what she is up to and Jade reveals that Alfie slept with Peri. Sonia goes to the hospital, where Alfie is, and tells him that Jade has assumed that he slept with Peri. Alfie reveals that it was a false claim and Jade reveals that Peri said so. During an assembly in school, Jade confronts Peri making Peri aware that she knows what she and Nico are up to and reveals her plan of embarrassing Peri to the school. When Jade goes into the assembly, Nico pulls the wig off, leaving Jade to go into the assembly bald-headed and laughed at.

Her storylines have included becoming diagnosed with cancer, which allows her to become closer to on/off boyfriend Alfie Nightingale, nearly becoming a victim of sexual predatorPete Buchanan and a bullying storyline involving Peri Lomax and Nico Blake.

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