Amber Sharpe


First Appearance
21 June 2010
Last Appearance
27 August 2014
Date of Birth
November 30th 1997 (Age 19)
Bella Sharpe (Daughter)
Gabby Sharpe (Mother)
Phil Sharpe (Father)
Taylor Sharpe (Brother)
Arlo Davenport (Half-Brother)
Tré Davenport (Half-Brother)
2010, 2014

Amber Sharpe was a character who first appeared in Hollyoaks Village in 2010. She subsequently left in December of 2010 after she was revealed to be pregnant with Finn O'Connor's child. She returned in 2014 with a now toddler Bella Sharpe only to leave once again.

Teen Pregnancy Edit

Amber met Finn in September of 2010 at the beginning of their Year 8. Although the two initially disliked one another, they became confidants about their rough home lives and eventually had sex at only twelve years old. It was unprotected and Amber fell pregnant. When her home burned down, Amber came to stay with the O'Connor family. Diane discovered that Amber was pregnant and tried to pressure her into having an abortion.

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