Billy Brodie

Billy brody

First Appearance
20 September 2016
Last Appearance
21 September 2016
Jack Osbrone (Brother) Frankie Osborne (Sister-in-Law) Darren Osborne (Nephew)
Portrayed By
Former Home

William "Billy" Brodie is the brother of Jack Osborne. He is portrayed by Clive Russell. He made his first appearance on 20 September 2016 and his last on 21 September 2016.

Characterisation Edit

Billy is set to reveal a deadly secret to Eva which will "make a large impact on the Osborne family."

Arrival Edit

Billy contacts the Osborne house several times without leaving an answer via phone. He then requests to see Jack. Jack arrives, after a heated discussion, Billy reveals Jack may have killed someone.

Death Edit

Billy has a heart attack in prison. Jack assumes Billy is faking it. Billy says he wants £5000. Jack leaves in disgust. Later, Eva Falco turns up. Billy tells Eva to forget about Jack. Billy then dies.

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