Blessing Chambers

Blessing chambers

First Appearance
21 February 2014
Last Appearance
21 November 2014
Waitress, Barmaid
Portrayed By
Current Home

Blessing Chambers (Previously Tyson Delaney), played by Modupe Adeyeye, made her first screen appearance on 21 February 2014. The character and casting was announced on 5 February 2014. Blessing is a glass collector, working at a strip club which is visited by Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini). Dennis puts Blessing's job and flat in jeopardy when he gets her into trouble with her boss. 


The character was billed as being "strong and colourful" and not having had a lot of luck in the past. Her surname has been shown as "Chamber" and "Chambers" on the official site. In May it was revealed that Blessing is a transgender woman.


Blessing meets Dennis at a strip club. Her behaviour towards him causes her manager to fire her. Dennis gives Blessing a place to stay as an apology. The pair become close and Dennis develops an attraction to her. But his constant mistrust of her begins to cause problems. Blessing ruins George Smith's (Steven Roberts) laptop and he steals her credit card to pay for a new one. 

Departure Edit

Blessing leaves with Dennis to go to Blackpool to search for a new life. Blessing says her farewells as does Dennis as the two leave.

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