Bobby Brooklyn Mateo Costello


First Appearance
4 November 2011
Last Appearance
15 February 2013
Being a Child
Mercedes McQueen (Mother)
Riley Costello (Father)(Deceased)
Myra McQueen (Grandmother)
Heidi Costello (Grandmother)(Deceased)
Carl Costello

William Alexander
Phoenix Costello (Half-Brother)
Gabriel McQueen (Half-Brother)(Deceased)
Jacqui McQueen (Auntie)
Carmel McQueen (Auntie)(Deceased)
Tina Reilly (Auntie)(Deceased)
Michaela McQueen (Auntie)
Theresa McQueen (Auntie)
Jem Costello

Emily Alexander (Auntie)
Seth Costello (Uncle)
Jason Costello (Uncle)
John Paul McQueen (Uncle)
Niall Rafferty (Uncle)(Deceased)
Portrayed by
Jakob Chialton
Former Home
Current Home

Bobby Brooklyn Mateo Costello was born in the Dungeons, when his mother was trapped by his great-grandfather, Silas. He is delivered by his father, Riley. When Mercedes struggles to look after him, Bobby is sent to live with his father and uncle, Seth in Leeds. When Riley returns with Bobby, he is reunited with his family.

Bobby Costello is portrayed by Jakob Chialton

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