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Callum Kane, played by Laurie Duncan, is first seen as a new student at Hollyoaks sixth form college. He made his on-screen debut on 6 September 2011. Callum was bought in as part of the new sixth forms characters. Scarlett Bowman who plays Maddie revealed Maddie is to fall for mysterious Callum Kane in a forthcoming storyline. She said: "Maddie's a bit of a gossip girl, always in trouble with the lads. Right now, she's causing a lot of mayhem with her rival Sinead, who's had a thing with her ex-boyfriend Bart. "But I can let slip that Maddie and Callum are going to get a little closer. They're an unlikely couple, but that's where Maddie shows her vulnerability - she really falls for him. He's cool, but he's got his eye on someone else!"Callum's not exactly desperate for any relationship, he's much too introverted and likes to keep himself to himself and read his poetry - which unfortunately seems to make him all the more alluring to some of the ladies!" A couple of weeks later Callum's older sister Ash arrived. They also have a younger sister Lacey who moves in with them when she leaves their Dad's. They all end up moving into Darren Osbournes old house in Winter 2012.

Callum first appears where he starts Hollyoaks sixth form college, he is seen as quiet and weird. He later meets Maddie Morrison (Scarlett Bowman), and he partners up with her to work on a project. Maddie soon develops feelings for Callum and they show their affections for each other by insulting one another. During a night out Callum spots Maddie with Joel Dexter (Andrew Still) and is jealous, after Maddie has a row with Joel, Callum walked her home where they later kissed each other, but Maddie ignored him the next day. Maddie tells Tilly Evans (Lucy Dixon) and George Smith (Steven Roberts) about the night and they later attempt to set them up by locking them together in the stock room they begin talking to each other and become good friends. The next day, Callum and Maddie get into a taxi and skip college and go on a date to the park and go cloud watching, they get on well until Callum talks nasty about Maddie's friends Tilly and George and they have another argument, they later make up once they arrive back. Callum later decides to end his relationship with Maddie.

Callum struggles to cope when his mother, Martha Kane (Carli Norris) drinking causes her to behave erratically. He tells her that she has to stop drinking or she may lose her the support of her family. She carries on drinking and Callum decides to get drunk too. He smashes his living room up, pushes Ash over and is arrested. He blames Martha and she promises to stop drinking. He manages to convince Martha to seek help but she soon begins drinking again. Callum takes a dislike to Ash's new boyfriend Ally Gorman (Dan O'Connor) and tries to find more information about him. He discovers that he had been in a relationship with numerous women under a different identity. When Callum sets Ally up so Ash knows the truth, Ally talks his way out of the predicament. Callum becomes reluctant to let Martha back into his life after they evicted her from her own home. He attends a support group for children of alcoholics and listens to Martha's story.

When Maddie is killed in a Mini bus crash, Calum attends her funeral and tells his mum he will lay some flowers down by her grave. A week later Calum finds out about Lacey's and Ally's secret romance which angers Calum making him hit Ally and get angry with Lacey. After Ally is arrested for fraud Calum and his sister's agree that their mum can come back and live with them.

Later Callum agrees to rob Price Slice with two other people but changes his mind. The robbery goes ahead but as Callum tries to stop it he is shot in the leg. In hospital he flatlines but is revived. Later he starts up a relationship with Holly Cunningham. In October 2013 Callum goes with Jade, Holly, Tilly and Esther to the country for Esther's 18th birthday. Later he is killed by a crazed Jade with a samarai sword while trying to rescue Esther.


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