Calvin Valentine

Calvin valentine

First Appearance
17 July 2006
Last Appearance
16 February 2011
Police Constable, Nightclub Manager
Leo Valentine (Father), Diane Valentine (Mother), Sonny Valentine (Brother) Sasha Valentine (Sister) Danny Valentine (Half-Brother) Lauren Valentine (Half Sister) Carmel McQueen (Wife) Kathleen-Angel McQueen (Daughter) Adeola Valentine (Aunt)
Portrayed By
Former Home
Murdered By
Attempted Murder Victims

Calvin Valentine is a fictional character from the long-running Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Ricky Whittle. He arrived in July 2006 as a police officer with his mother and younger siblings and made his final appearance on 21 May 2010 after he was murdered by Theresa McQueen. Whittle was credited for a flashback episode on 1 December 2010. Calvin appeared again as a ghost in February 2011.

Characterisation Edit

Calvin first appeared as an honest, kind-hearted policeman. However, in 2008, the character of Calvin began to change, when his younger sister Sasha Valentine (Nathalie Emmanuel) began buying drugs from Nige Foster (Sam Townend), who Calvin ultimately ended up believing he had killed. Whittle, speaking to Digital Spy, said, "He was at his lowest ebb. Everyone forgets that he's only 22 and he's had to look after his family.

Arrival Edit

Calvin arrives with his mother Diane (Pauline Black) and two younger siblings Sonny (Devon Anderson) and Sasha. Calvin begins his first day as a police officer and tragically discovers Diane has been killed in a hit and run. Calvin then has to break the news to Sonny and Sasha. Despite grieving, Calvin does his best to look after his siblings, however Leo Valentine (Brian Bovell), Calvin, Sonny and Sasha's father, arrives to take control of the family. Calvin does not want Leo to be back in their lives as he has caused heartache for his mother. Sam Owen (Louis Tamone) takes everyone, including Calvin, hostage at The Dog and threatens to blow it up. Calvin attempts to stop him by smashing a glass on his head, however this causes Sam to drop the lighter and The Dog blows up. Calvin saves trapped Jake Dean's (Kevin Sacre) life despite Jake being responsible for his mother's death.

2010 Departure Edit

Calvin continues his affair with Mercedes until Carmel agrees to give their relationship another try. Mercedes is upset and jealous that Calvin has ended things with her and spots an opportunity for revenge when Carmel confides in her that Calvin left Warren to die. A shocked Mercedes rushes to tell Sasha, who is distraught and tells Calvin he is dead to her. Lauren and Sasha tell Leo that if he does not tell Calvin to leave they will, and Calvin is given no choice but to move into the McQueens. After an argument, Carmel realises how much Calvin means to her and proposes, to which he agrees. The pair begin their wedding plans, but Calvin has a one-night stand with Carmel's cousin Theresa. Calvin tells Sasha to tell the police that Lauren's boyfriend Gaz Bennett (Joel Goonan) attacked her in order to keep him away from Lauren. Calvin also angers Jake Dean by refusing to give him his job back. In the run up to the wedding, Calvin receives death threats from racist Des Townsend (Kris Deedigan). Mercedes lures Calvin to a hotel where she sleeps with him again and confesses she loves him. Because of the death threats he has been receiving, Calvin gets hold of a gun which is stolen by Lauren following an argument with Mercedes. Mercedes tells her sister Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) about the affair and Jacqui finds the gun at the Valentines' home and steals it. A number of other things happen to Calvin on his wedding day, including punching Zak Ramsey (Kent Riley) for his racial abuse, being confronted by Malachy about the affair, Spencer finding out he left Warren to die and Theresa telling him she's pregnant. Calvin is shocked to learn Theresa is pregnant, and tells her she must have an abortion. He tells Carmel that Theresa is pregnant, but does not admit to being the father. As he has his first dance with Carmel, an upset Theresa steals the gun from Jacqui's bag and shoots Calvin, and he dies from his injury.

2011 Ghost Return Edit

In 2011, Whittle returned to play Calvin as a ghost for a one-off episode. Upon hearing that his daughter, Kathleen-Angel, may not survive, Carmel goes to the church to pray. It is there where she sees Calvin's ghost and he tells her that Kathleen-Angel will be safe. In 2011, Theresa told Ethan Scott that she killed Calvin, and in 2013 she confesses to Dodger Savage (Danny Mac) that she killed Calvin. In 2014, she was arrested for his murder.