Dr. Charles S'Avage

Charles s'avage

First Appearance
7 October 2014
Last Appearance
20 October 2015
Dirk Savage (Brother)
Dennis Savage (Son)
Julie Savage (Ex-Wife)
Mariam Andrews (Ex-Wife)
Will Savage (Nephew)
Liberty Savage (Niece)
Holly Cunningham (step-neice)
Cindy Savage (Sister-in-law)
Portrayed By
Former Home

Dr. Charles S'Avage, played by Andrew Greenough, made his first appearance on 7 October 2014. The character and casting was announced on 23 September 2014. Dr. S'Avage is Dennis Savage's (Joe Tracini) father, and Dirk Savage's (David Kennedy) brother.Dr S'Avage takes charge of a young team of doctors who include Kim Butterfield (Daisy Wood-Davis), Tegan Lomax (Jessica Ellis), Celine McQueen (Sarah George) and other newcomers.

Characterisation Edit

Dr. S'Avage is estranged from Dennis after leaving him to pursue his medical career and has been billed as pompous, as well as having changed his surname to escape from his roots.

Arrival Edit

Dr. S'Avage's introductory storyline saw him taken hostage by Big Bob (Vincent Ebrahim).

Relationship with Sienna Blake Edit

After the baby swap had come to light, the midwife who switched them, Mariam Andrews (Helen Lederer) is revealed to be his ex-wife. Mariam then blackmails Dr. S'Avage into helping her, threatening to reveal a secret of his if he does not. Dr. S'Avage then places Mariam in a mental ward which is witnessed by Sienna Blake (Anna Passey). Sienna then gets close to Mariam to try and uncover his secret, and Dr. S'Avage, panicking, promises to get her out. Dr. S'Avage also supports Dirk when he reveals he is being blackmailed over letting his son Will (James Atherton) die, but Dr. S'Avage tells him he has nothing to feel guilty about and helps him set up traps to catch the blackmailer, which is later revealed to be Robbie Roscoe (Charlie Wernham).

Sienna and Dr. S'Avage grow closer over the following weeks, which a newly-released Mariam is jealous about so she reveals Dr. S'Avage's secret: he never fully qualified as a doctor. This panics Sienna as he is treating her daughter Nico Blake (Persephone Swales-Dawson) who had a kidney infection. Dr. S'Avage, however, assures her that he has never miss-diagnosed a patient and that if the truth comes out she may be deemed fit to stand trial and could end up in prison. When Mariam accuses him of killing patients, he denies it and Sienna helps destroy the evidence of him not qualifying as a doctor and when Mariam is found dead in his office after being murdered by the Gloved Hand Killer, Sienna gives him an alibi.

A few weeks later, Dr. S'Avage finds Sienna suffering an allergic reaction from a bee sting after Nico abandoned her and encourages Sienna to report Nico to Social Services as she needs help. Sienna agrees but later regrets her decision and has an argument with Dr. S'Avage about it, before breaking down in tears. Dr. S'Avage comforts her and they share a kiss. Sienna tells him later that she just sees him as a father figure, devastating him. Reenie McQueen (Zöe Lucker) then starts flirting with him to get his money, but Dr. S'avage does not believe Sienna when she tells him. After Sienna pushes Reenie down the city stairs, Dr. S'avage helps her cover it up after she admits she needed him by blackmailing Reenie over her using his credit card. He then treats Sienna's wounds after Reenie attacks her and promises to mend her wicker make of the Titanic, which Reenie also destroyed.

Departure Edit

At Hollyoaks Pride. Dr. S'Avage is on the verge of unmasking the glove hand killer. And he catches them killing Ashley Davidson. On his way to call Cindy Savage, Trevor Royle shoots a wire down, crushing Dr. S'Avage. But not killing him. Only when the gloved hand killer turns up and injects him with potassium chloride, he is rushed to hospital and Kim Butterfield informs Cindy, Sienna Blake and Dirk of his death. Later, Charlie Dean is known to have seen Lindsey kill Dr. S'Avage. Charlie sees Lindsey in the village and screams out to Nancy after not speaking for a week. Lindsey then tells Charlie that what he saw is a lie and that they will work together to protect Charlie.

Intro Edit

2014-15: In the introduction sequence, Dr. S'Avage is seen with Dirk, him tying his traditional bow tie and Dirk straightening a tie in a mirror.

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