Charlotte Lau

Charlotte lau

First Appearance
9 June 2009
Last Appearance
17 September 2010
Psychology Student, Barmaid
Former Home
Portrayed By

Charlotte Lau was a character on Hollyoaks from 2009 to 2010. She was portrayed by Amy Yamazaki.

Characterisation Edit

Charlotte's personality has been evident from inception. She has an alternative dress code, with Channel 4 publicity stating that she is a 'Tokyo grunger'. She is also described as super friendly, funny and cool and knows how to hold her own. With script writers referencing on-screen that she may be unhinged. After the character had appeared on-screen for a brief period of time her style was described as 'funky and feisty' and has been applied a trend of bold clothing to create a 'Tokyo pop' look.

Arrival Edit

Charlotte first appears on 9 June 2009, as a barmaid in the SU Bar and the ex-girlfriend of Lydia HartArchie Carpenter immediately starts flirting with Charlotte and is annoyed to find out she is a lesbian, realising many girls in the village are lesbians or have had lesbian encounters. Ravi Roy is embarrassed when Charlotte tells him she is a lesbian after he flirts with her.

Charlotte and Lydia get back together, but agree to keep quiet. During Zoe's trial, Charlotte attends. When the knife Zoe apparently used to cut the parachute is shown to the court, Charlotte recognises it, as she gave Lydia it before the camping trip. Charlotte confronts Lydia, who immediately admits to using the knife, but in an attempt to commit suicide. After Charlotte pleads with her to tell the police, Lydia tells her if she goes to prison, she will kill herself. Despite this, Zoe is found not guilty of Sarah's murder. However, she befriends Lydia to gain a confession. When Charlotte discovers Zoe's plans, she admits to Mike and Dave Colburn about Lydia's murder of Sarah. Charlotte rushes to the local cemetery, where Lydia and Zoe are, with Dave and Mike close behind. When she gets there, Lydia stabs Zoe at Sarah's grave. Charlotte pleads with Lydia, who threatens her. As they realise Zoe is still alive, Lydia tries to get the knife. However, Charlotte attacks her and Dave gets the knife.

Speaking to Nancy Hayton Edit

On 24 July, Charlotte begins to get closer to Lydia. The pair see Lydia's girlfriend Sarah Barnes kissing Rhys Ashworth and assume something is going on, however they are unaware she did it to get music tickets for her and Lydia. After Lydia finds this out, she apologises and the pair kiss. Charlotte watches as they kiss and appears upset. Charlotte teases Nancy Hayton about her sexuality, and is convinced she is a lesbian, although Nancy repeatedly disputes this. When Sarah splits up with Lydia, Charlotte offers her a shoulder to cry on. This later leads to Lydia trying to kiss Charlotte but she retaliates. Lydia storms off after Sarah sees them both and blames everything on Charlotte.

Education Edit

Charlotte later becomes a Psychology student at Hollyoaks Community College and moves into the halls. She then mistakenly thinks India Longford is a lesbian and offends her. On what would have been Lydia and Charlotte's anniversary, Lydia is given a bouquet of dead flowers. Sarah and Zoe Carpenter blame this on Charlotte, claiming she is trying to split them up. Charlotte then accuses Zoe of attempting to break up the relationship. Lydia takes Charlotte's side, creating a divide in her relationship with Sarah. Sarah later dies during skydiving unbeknown to Charlotte the parachute was tampered by Lydia but Zoe is wrongfully arrested this leads to a feud between Charlotte and Zoe's brother Archie who is desperate to defend his sister.

Departure Edit

New fresher Jamil Fadel tries it on with Charlotte, unaware she is a lesbian. Charlotte takes drugs, given to her by Doug Carter in Chez-Chez. She dances with Jamil, who is convinced that he can win her over. Charlotte leaves the nightclub and suggests going into town with India and Jamil, who are unaware she had taken drugs. Charlotte climbs on top of the village wall arch and asks them to join her. Doug watches her and Jamil on the arch and rushes to stop them. However, Charlotte loses her balance and falls off. Charlotte is taken to hospital, where she regains consciousness. Doug is made to leave after Charlotte tells everyone he gave her the drugs. Charlotte fears she will be paralysed and decides to leave Hollyoaks.

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