When Chloe comes to the village she reveals herself as Matthews mum and demands to see her son. John Paul lets her see baby Matthew she then tells John Paul she wants £5000 he refuses to give her the money. She then says if she doesn't get the money she will take baby Mathhew. When John Paul finds out he is Matthews real dad not his former boyfriend Craig. He confronts her and asks her why she lied. She apologizes for lying and blackmailing him and leaves the village upset. Chole returns to the village heavily pregnant and asks John Paul if she can borrow money again as she is in debt. When Sienna Blake hears that Chole is a surrogate mother she asks her if she can buy the baby, Chloe then agrees to let Sienna buy the baby. She moves into the student house and later her and Tilly kiss. Chloe collapses and is rushed to hospital where her and Tilly kiss again. And Sienna walks in on them kissing. When Sienna is sectioned and taken to the psychiatric hospital. Chole has to find new parents for her baby. Carmel later asks Chloe is she could buy the baby she agrees. But then changes her mind when she sees Carmel attacking Theresa. Chloe later kisses Tilly again and tells her she is the one she wants. Tilly tells her she can't leave Esther and Chloe decides to leave the village. Carmel begs Chloe to reconsider her decision about the baby and Chloe agrees but only if she gets the cash now. Carmel gives her the cash and Chloe plans to run away with the money. Tilly realises she loves Chloe and breaks up with Esther. Tilly and Chloe leave the village with Carmels money.