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Clare cunningham is the beautiful, seductive yet evil and sinister woman behind the attempted murder of her husband Max to claim 500,000 in insurance. After her plan was foiled by O.B, she was shunned by all of holloyaks town, that nobody wanted to cross. To get revenge on Justin for pushing her of a balcony, she also kidnapped Warrens younger sister and kept her chained up at the docks in a shipping container and held her at ransom, demanding that Warrren bring the dead body of justin to her in turn for his sister. However, the ordeal turned into a high speed car chase where clares car fell into a lake with warrens sister just escaping death by drowning. However Clare did not and appeared to be dead. At the end of the episode a woman wearing red shoes and a red suit jacket is at an airport chatting up men at the first class area of an airport. The woman is revealed to be clare, and she gives a sinister grin to the camera before the episode ends.

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