Dan Hunter


Portrayed by
Andrew McNair
First Appearance
13 May 2001
Last Appearance
23 December 2004
Les Hunter (Father)
Sally Hunter (Mother)
Ellie Hunter (Sister)
Lisa Hunter (Sister)
Lee Hunter (Brother)
Other Relatives
Toby Mills (Brother-in-Law; Deceased)
Murder Victims
Toby Mills (Insigated)

Daniel Simon 'Dan' Hunter appeared in Hollyoaks from 2001 until his death at the end of 2004. He was portrayed by Andrew McNair.

Dan was the first Hunter to arrive in Hollyoaks, opening his own garage (later owning Dan's PitStop), followed by the rest of his family. Sensitive, yet extremely volatile and moody, Dan was extremely private about his life, which is why the first person he got involved with, Izzy Cornwell (Elize du Toit), did not last very long. She accused him of being on drugs and spread the gossip around college. In reality, he was not; instead he suffered from diabetes.

Dan's relationship with his family was strained at the best of times. He hated his selfish sister Ellie, but he does love her and care for her, did not understand his mother, clashed regularly with his father, had little in common with his brother Lee (Alex Carter), but had a close, if overprotective, bond with little sister Lisa (Gemma Atkinson). Dan family turns upside down, when his brother Lee was failing his exams and get in trouble, Lisa's self-harm after she was bully by Steph Dean (Carley Stenson) and his sister Ellie was disappear in Ibiza for almost two years, but returns in 2002.

Dan was shy yet good-looking and fell for Debbie Dean (Jodi Albert) the moment he saw her. The two were very much in love but were torn apart. Firstly he cheated on her after she had embarrassed him publicly by revealing she had taken his virginity, and when Dan was wrongly imprisoned for his brother-in-law, Toby Mills's (Henry Luxemburg) killing spree. Dan was released after months in prison and was gutted to find Debbie had moved on. Dan and Debbie were not over each other and left it to the last minute to tell each other they loved each other, when moments later Dan's rally car exploded, killing him and leaving Debbie devastated. Soon after, she opened a present that Dan gave her earlier and this was an engagement ring.