Darren and Nancy (AKA Dancy) is the relationship and friendship between Darren Osborne and Nancy Osborne.

Biography Edit

Darren begins a relationship with Nancy Hayton but it is cut short when In early 2011, Darren's ex-lover Suzanne returns, and announces that she's heavily pregnant with Darren's twins. She gives birth to on 21 January 2011 to Francine and Jack Osborne. Suzanne and the twins move into Nancy's flat, which leads Nancy to end their relationship. Suzanne leaves the village and while Nancy begins to console Darren, they reconcile. Darren and Nancy get married. Nancy finds out she pregnant but Nancy suffers a miscarriage. Nancy later discovers she is again pregnant with Darren's child. in October their son Oscar Osborne is born three months premature. Oscar is rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit following his birth and the doctors inform Darren and Nancy that their son may have brain damage and he may be disabled and he may be deaf and that he is fighting a serious infection he developed, necrotizing enterocolitis. The family hold a christening and Darren and Nancy decide to name their son Oscar. in December, Darren and Nancy bring Oscar home for Christmas and have trouble settling him when he is crying. Darren drops a vase near Oscar who is sleeping. Oscar does not wake, causing Darren and Nancy concern. They consult the hospital who reveal that initial tests were inconclusive and further testing has revealed that Oscar is not responding to sound and is deaf. Oscar's deafness causes tension between Dareren and Frankie, who fight, leading to Darren's walking out. Darren spends the day contemplating how Oscar would be affected by his deafness and begins learning sign language and buys specialist toys to support Oscar. Darren and Nancy think of getting cochlear implants for Oscar so he can hear but Nancy is put off by the operation. Despite this, Nancy eventually allows the operation to take place and in February 2014, Oscar has the operation and it is successful.

In 2015, Nancy reveals she is still in love with Darren. The two resume their relationship.

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