Declan Brady

Declan brady

First Appearance
2 August 2011
Last Appearance
18 December 2012
Brendan Brady (Father)
Eileen Brady (Mother)
Flo Brady (Grandmother)
Seamus Brady (Grandfather)
Cheryl Brady (Aunt)
Padraig Brady (Brother)
Niamh Brady
Macca Brady
Portrayed By
Current Home

Declan Brady, played by Jay Duffy, first appeared on 2 August 2011. Declan is the son of Brendan (Emmett J. Scanlan) and Eileen Brady (Rachel Doherty). Of his son's casting, Keith Duffy said "They were looking for an Irish guy in Hollyoaks. They rang Duffy up, he went to London, did an audition, did a screen test, they called him back and they gave him the job." Duffy said that he did not expect to secure the role because it was a real audition and he hadn't got much acting experience. He was initially signed to appear in a small number of episodes.

Characterisation Edit

Duffy described Declan as "an ordinary lad form Dublin, a school kid". Declan is visiting his father for a couple of weeks, Duffy said the visit is "all about him getting to know his dad" because "he doesn't know his dad very well at all". Declan is happy to see his father, he has always wanted "to chill out with him" but it is "pretty awkward" because they know so little about each other. 

Arrival Edit

Declan arrives with his mother Eileen to stay with his father Brendan. They go on holiday to Blackpool together shortly after arriving. Declan walks in on Brendan beating up Ste. Ste reveals to Declan that he is gay. Brendan tells Declan that he is not a man unless he has a woman and kids. Declan returns to the flat unaware Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) is upstairs. He hears a noise so goes to investigate but before Silas can attack him he is frightened so runs from the flat. Rae Wilson (Alice Barlow) tells Ste not to let Brendan control him; reminding him the abuse relationship that he had with Brendan, not realising that Declan was standing in the kitchen, listening to them arguing. 

Departure Edit

On 8 August 2012, Declan breaks into Chez Chez for reasons unknown. Brendan later catches him, and brings him back home, where Declan reveals that he owes people money back in Ireland for drugs. Brendan offers to help him, but only if he stops getting involved with the people he owes money to. Declan returns when he is kidnapped by Walker (Neil Newborn) as part of his revenge scheme against Brendan. As Walker's brother overdosed from drugs given to him by Brendan, Walker plans to do the same to Declan. Brendan manages to locate them and rushes to save his son but he is already unconscious when he arrives, leaving Brendan to wait for news as he is rushed to hospital.

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