Dennis Savage

Dennis savage

First Appearance
15 November 2011
Last Appearance
21 November 2014
Propererty Landlord and Emporium Owner
Charles S'Avage (Father)
Julie Savage (Mother)
Mariam Andrews (Stepmother)
Leanne Savage (Wife)
Dirk Savage (Uncle)
Will Savage and Liberty Savage (Cousins)
Dodger Savage (Adoptive Cousin)
Portrayed By
Current Home
Date of Birth
c. 1989-1990 (age 28/29)

Dennis Archibald Savage, played by Joe Tracini arrives on-screen on 15 November 2011. Tracini's casting was first publicised in July 2011, when his father, comedian Joe Pasquale, told the Cornish Guardian of his involvement. Entertainment website Digital Spy later confirmed the casting and revealed that Dennis is a new member of the already established Savage family. Tracini revealed via his Twitter account that he began filming in August and also filmed a spot in the Hollyoaks opening titles. A spokesperson refused to release any advance storyline information about Dennis, but stated that Tracini has "great comic timing" for the role.

Characterisation Edit

Digital Spy said Dennis arrives being "confident and full of beans" and said he looks likely to "cause a stir".

Arrival Edit

Dennis arrives to stay with his family as his parents have kicked him out. He meets Leanne and is instantly attracted to her, however she does not show any interest in him. Dodger tells Dennis he cannot live with them and convinces Texas to let him move intoer flat. Dennis is delighted to discover that Leanne also lives there. Dennis becomes disgruntled when Leanne show more interest in Matt Gill, but still comforts her when Matt tells Leanne to keep her distance. Dennis waits for Leanne to return home from her Christmas break. When she returns he gives her intimate lingerie. Leanne feels uncomfortable because he knows what size underwear she takes. Dennis refuses to believe that Leanne does not want him. Dennis receives a job offer in Mumbai, Dodger tries to convince him to take the job regardless of Leanne. Dennis chooses not to listen, Dodger convinces Leanne to tell Dennis she is not interested. Texas and Leanne throw Dennis a leaving party and he goes to Mumbai.

Trivia Edit

  • Stated that he was 24 in the episode that aired March 4th 2014.