"Diane" redirects here, for the mother of Sinead O'Connor, see Diane O'Connor, and for the actress portraying Marlena McQueen, see Diane Langton.

Diane Valentine
First Appearance
17 July 2006
Last Appearance
20 July 2006
Portrayed By
Former Home

Diane Valentine and her three children bought the home of Liz Burton and their arrival started off inauspiciously when they had to forcibly remove Liz's daughters Sophie and Mel.

Arrival Edit

Diane was proud of her oldest son, Calvin, although she was upset about his plans to leave home once he graduated from the police force. Sonny was involved in various criminal activities Diane knew nothing about. Her daughter, Sasha was the youngest of the family and coping with growing up.

Departure Edit

Diane's stay in town was short-lived, on her way to her car, she dropped her keys. When she bent over to pick them up, she didn't see Jake Dean's car driving towards her and she was hit and killed.

Diane's death shattered her family, as their absentee father Leo showed up to try to pick up the pieces.

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