Ellie Nightingale

Ellie nightingale

First Appearance
23 October 2015
Last Appearance
Current Character
Barmaid (2015-2016)
Beautician (2016) Landlady (2016-)
Mac Nightingale (Father)
Marnie Nightingale (Mother)
Tabitha Maxwell-Brown (Grandmother)
James Nightingale (Brother)
Nathan Nightingale (Brother)(Deceased)
Alfie Nightingale (Half-Brother)
Portrayed By
Attempted Murder Victims

Eleanor Rosa "Ellie" Nightingale, played by Sophie Porley, made her first appearance on 23 October 2015.

Characterisation Edit

Ellie is Mac Nightingale's (David Easter) daughter and has been billed as a "spoiled princess" and likely to get the better of anyone in a "verbal sparring match". It's also been said that she'll cause some serious drama when she arrives as her "spiky attitude starts to rub people up the wrong way."h

Arrival Edit

Ellie is first seen at Tony Hutchinson and Diane O'Connor's party. Cindy Savage tries to tell her to leave, but Ellie insults her. Jack calms her and Ellie down and reveals that Jack has sold the pub and that Ellie and her family will soon run the pub. [[Mac Nightingale Cindy recognises him as the man the viewers met in the Spring.

Consent Edit

After breaking up with Freddie, Ellie goes on the rebound to a party in The Loft. She meets Nick Savage, and the two kiss. They return to The Dog, Ellie tells Nick she's going to show him her room. Ellie and Nick are both clearly drunk. They start to kiss. Ellie sits down then lays down. Nick starts to kiss Ellie's neck. Ellie gets up and then lays back down. She starts talking nonsense. Nick says she is wasted, and Ellie agrees. The two have sex.

The next morning, Ellie awakens with a strong hangover, with Nick next to her. They are both hungover. Ellie notices her underwear on the floor. Nick explains to Ellie they had sex. Ellie is visually distressed. Nick carries on talking, but Ellie seems quite nervous. The two leave. Lisa shouts at Nick, and congratulates him.

Back in her room, Ellie starts crying and undresses, she cries into her duvet, unsure of what happened. Ellie is then seen in the shower. She monologues over the episode. She picks up a bin bag and takes her duvet sheet and bed sheet and puts it into the bag. She sits in the corner, crying.

Intro Edit

2015-2016:Ellie stands under of lights and cameras, she poses playing with her fat clit

2016: Ellie stands, arms legs, behind barred lights followed by Freddie Roscoe, who then stands next to her, smiling.

2017: Ellie walks out of the pub alone, smiling, with cum running down her leg

Gallery Edit

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