Ethan Scott
First Appearance
8 December 2010
Last Appearance
8 December 2011
Police Officer
The Hit and Run On Rob Edwards

Ethan was first introduced as Liberity's fiancé. It then revealed the relationship between him and Theresa. They both had feelings for each other and started to become more open about it when Will thought he was cheating on his sister, Liberty. They kissed. When Liberty found out then Ethan started to worry that she would come out with a deep secret. He met her when she was under age, 16. Eventually he got with Theresa. But, unfortunately, he was seen cheating on her with Liberty, again, and Rae. When all the girls found out he ended up being hit with pies in the face. He wanted to leave after a while and text Theresa that he wanted to see her and when he was he knocked over, Rob. He drove off in shock but told Theresa, who got Warren Fox to help. Theresa also found out he sent the same text to Liberty.

He confessed in the end due to the hassle from Warren and is still in Prison...

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