Farrah Maalik
Screenshot 2017-06-07-23-40-12 kindlephoto-37237496
First Appearance
6 June 2017
Last Appearance
Current Character
Clinical Psychologist
Misbah Maalik (Mother)
Sami Maalik (Half-Brother)
Yasmine Maalik (Sister)
Imran Maalik (Brother)
Portrayed By

Farrah Maalik is the sister of Yasmine Maalik and daughter of Misbah Maalik. Farrah is presumed to have a dark past and it is yet to be revealed.


Farrah arrives in Hollyoaks village with her "girlfriend". She is revealed to be Yasmine's sister whom both get along with each other well. She now works in the hospital as a clinical psychologist. Kim Butterfield becomes her first patient. She later asks Esther Bloom out but then cancels their plans as Kim reveals Esther is her ex-wife and Kim shares an emotional conversation with her about her and Esther. Kim eventually develops a crush on Farrah and the two of them are no dating. Kim is no longer one of Farrah's patients.

Opening titlesEdit

2017:- Farrah dances with her sister Yasmine.

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