Freddie and Marnie (AKA Frarnie) is the relationship between Freddie Roscoe and Marnie Nightingale.

Biography Edit

Marnie later meets Freddie at The Loft. The pair start talking and they then both go back to Freddie's house, where they have sex. The next day, Marnie learns that Freddie is going on a date with Ellie. She pretends that she and Freddie haven't met before and she introduces herself as Ellie's mother, leaving Freddie horrified. Marnie follows Ellie and Freddie as they go on a date at The Loft. While Ellie leaves, Marnie tells Freddie if she doesn't back away from her daughter, then she will tell her everything that happened between them. The next day, Freddie breaks up with Ellie, leaving her devastated. However, Ellie and Freddie later get back together again, much to Marnie's dismay. Since they got back together, Marnie has been constantly threatening Freddie to leave Ellie alone, but Freddie refuses. Freddie even blackmails her at one point by using a picture of Marnie kissing him.

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