Gavin Armstrong

DS Armstrong

First Appearance
15 June 2016
Last Appearance
21 December 2017
Detective Sergeant [Dismissed]
Current Home
Portrayed By
Attempted Murder Victims

DS Gavin Armstrong was a current character, portrayed by Andrew Hayden-Smith. He was a detective sergeant in the local police force

Characterisation Edit

Gavin appeared a charming, honest man, but later turned out to be a perverted creep.

Arrival Edit

DS Armstrong first appears with DS Geoff Thorpe (James Bradshaw). DS Armstrong and DS Thorpe meet with Patrick's daughter, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey), and DS Thorpe introduces her to DS Armstrong, informing her that he will be taking over the investigation into Patrick's disappearance. DS Thorpe then reveals that they have found some new evidence, intriguing Sienna. DS Armstrong and DS Thorpe take Sienna to the woods, where they reveal that her daughter and Patrick's real murderer, Nico Blake (Persephone Swales-Dawson), as their new witness. DS Armstrong reveals he believes that Patrick's wife, Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson), was the person who murdered Patrick, and Sienna agrees to help the police get a confession from Maxine. DS Armstrong later reveals to Sienna "Mike Jones" is Warren Fox.

Stalking Leela Lomax and Cindy Cunningham Edit

DS Armstrong finds a sudden attraction toward Leela Lomax. Leela begins receiving threats and hurtful messages through the letterbox about her and Zack Loveday's brief fling. The messages stop briefly until she receives another one and contacts the police. DS Armstrong returns claiming that Peri Lomax's phone has been found sending the texts. Leela contacts Peri, but Peri claims she has no idea what Leela is talking about. At the Lomax house, DS Armstrong returns and tells Leela, Tegan, Courtney and Peri that Cameron Campbell has escaped prison. DS Armstrong briefly keeps the Lomax's together until he leaves to search for him. The electricity suddenly goes off. Tegan leaves. Armstrong returns and attempts to fix the electricity. Armstrong receives a call and says that Cameron has stayed in his cell. The electricity and Tegan returns. DS Armstrong leaves while watching Leela through a video camera on his phone.

He moves into the cunningham house but leaves. he begins stalking cindy but ends up in jail. he blackmails milo into releasing him.

He died on Christmas Day (aired on 21st December) after terrorising Holly and breaking into her house when Milo killed him by throwing water at him while he was tangled up in Christmas lights because of that he had an electric shock.