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Grace Black

Grace black

First Appearance
8 November 2013
Last Appearance
Current Character
Gangster, Club Co-Manager (2014-), Club Manager (2013-14
Fraser Black (Father)
Tracey Donovan (Mother)
Glenn Donovan (Step-Father)
Clare Devine (Sister)
Dee Dee Hutchinson (Half Sister)
Curtis Royle (Son)
Jesse Donovan
Liam Donovan & Adam Donovan (Half-Brothers)
Brutis (Dog)
Portrayed By
Current Home
Relationship status
Murder Victims
Attempted Murder Victims
Past relationships
Trevor Royle (Husband)(Deceased)
Warren Fox (Affair, former)
Esther Bloom (Ex-girlfriend)
Kim Butterfield (Affair, former)

Grace Sarah Black, played by Tamara Wall is the daughter of Fraser Black and the sister of Clare Devine she made her first appearance on 8 November 2013.

Wall's character and casting was announced on 24 October 2013. Grace is the sister of Clareand daughter of Fraser. Clare was murdered by Doctor Browning and she arrives in search of justice for Clare. But Grace is unaware that he has been murdered by Mercedes. She becomes suspicious of Mercedes and her two accomplices Cindy Cunningham and Lindsey Butterfield when she observes them. The three women become scared of Grace discovering the truth about the murder.

Characterisation Edit

Daniel Kilkelly from Digital Spy also warned that viewers could expect an "interesting dynamic" between Grace and Fraser's employee Trevor Royle (Greg Wood)..

Arrival Edit

Grace arrives to attend the funeral of her sister, Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix). She orders flowers for Clare which Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) vandalizes. When her father, Fraser (Jesse Birdsall) tries to attack Ste, she reminds him to keep calm. 


In March 2014 Grace killed Ray McCormick when she found out that Trevor Royle hired Ray to kill her father Fraser Black, In January 2017 Grace shot and killed Eva Falco as revenge on Eva for shooting Esther Bloom although these are Grace's only victims on the show its hinted she killed a number of times before hand.

Murder Victim ListEdit

Ray McCormick (March 2014): Stabbed.

Eva Falco (January 2017): Shot in the head.

Relationship with Trevor RoyleEdit

In late November/early December 2013 Trevor and Grace end up sleeping together when Grace comes clean in telling Trevor she loves him when she gets jelous when Trevor starts sleeping with Mercedes McQueen but when Grace's father Fraser Black finds out he threatens to kill Trevor unless he ends it so he does much to Grace's heartbreak but in again their feelings get the better of them and they start to sleep together again this time keeping it low key but Freddie Roscoe sees Grace leaving Trevor's flat and takes a photo and shows Fraser, Fraser then gets Trevor to plea guilty to giving Ruby Button the drugs Trevor does and is sent to prison, When Trevor is told that Fraser killed his father by Jim McGinn he kidnaps Fraser and Grace stops him from shooting him telling him that he went to Grace's dance competition Grace then gives Fraser ultimatum if he comes between her and Trevor again she will tell Trevor the truth (That Fraser killed him), In April 2014 Grace and Trevor have enough of Fraser and she decides she wants him dead but in reality she doesent Fraser is later killed by Freddie Roscoe even at first she thought it was Trevor when he was arrested and sent to prison for the murder but when he is released she finds out that he slept with Mercedes but the two eventually get other and start a fresh, Due to being acidentally shot by Freddie and Mercedes Grace cant have a baby so when Esther Bloom decides to be a surogate Grace is more then delighted, Grace is then forius when Esther wont hand the baby over so her and Trevor chase Esther and Kim Butterfield the car crashes as does a police van witch take Dylan Jenkins (Trevor's son) to hostlital where he is murdered by Lindsey Butterfield, In May 2016 Grace and Trevor get married but Trevor soon after dies in Grace's arms after being stabbed by Nico Blake

Intro Edit

  • 2013-2014: Grace throws a necklace into the screen after Fraser, who is sitting in a chair, snaps his fingers.
  • 2014-2015: Grace throws the necklace into the screen.
  • 2015: Grace throws the necklace into the screen with Trevor behind her.
  • 2015-2016: Grace throws wine into the screen and then poses as it trickles down the lens, the background measures music.
  • 2016: Grace throws wine into the screen in the loft.

Notes Edit

Grace Black on villains wiki.

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