"Greg" redirects here, for the actor portraying Trevor Royle, see Greg Wood.

Greg Andersen
First Appearance
23 October 1995
Last Appearance
17 July 1996
Bert Andersen (Father) Beryl Andersen (Mother) Celia Osborne (Sister) Jane Andersen (Wife) Natasha Andersen & Sarah Andersen (Daughters) Darren Osborne (Adoptive Nephew) Ruth Osborne (Niece)

Greg Andersen was introduced as part of the Andersen family and the father of original character Natasha ,the husband of Jane Andersen, father of Sarah Andersen and brother of Celia Osborne. He first appeared in 1995 as the landlord of The Dog in the Pond and was the first landlord of the longstanding pub which currently survives today and has been the centre of many storylines. After Natasha died he sold the pub to his sister Celia and brother-in-law Jack Osborne and emigrated to the United States with Jane and Sarah.

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