"Hannah" redirects here. For the ex-wife of Darren Osborne, see Hannah Ashworth.

Hannah Katy Hay-O'Connor
First Appearance
21 May 2015
Last Appearance
18 September 2015
18 September 2015
Nursery Student
Sinead O'Connor (Mother)
Ste Hay (Father)
Rob O'Connor & Danny Lomax (Grandfathers)
Morag O'Connor & Pauline Hay (Grandmothers)
Finn O'Connor (Uncle)
Katy O'Connor (Half Sister)(Deceased)
Former Home

Hannah Hay-O'Connor is the infant daughter of Sinead O'Connor and Ste Hay.

Birth Edit

Hannah was born on 21 May 2015 in The Hutch. Sinead revealed to Ste she is in love with him. Ste says he is too. After Ste and Sinead's relationship has run it's course, Sinead finds a pack of condoms in the bin after Ste and Harry Thompson (Parry Glasspool) had sex. Sinead runs off with Hannah.

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