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Hollyoaks Later Is a late night series that aired around 10pm for one hour hench the name from the original show Hollyoaks, Hollyoaks Later was the main show but a lot more darker storylines and more bad language Its first series was In 2008 and Its last was In 2013 Hollyoaks Later Is popular with the fans however the show has not made a comeback since Its last one In 2013.

About Edit

Hollyoaks Later was a spin off from Hollyaoks Its was on at a later time (Hence the name) and on double the time the normal show 30 mins so therefore Hollyoaks Later was on for 60 mins In ran from November 2008 to October 2013 the program was widely popular with the fans but since Its last series In 2013 It has not been talked about making a return.

Series One (2008)Edit

Craig Dean returns and takes Steph Cunningham and Tom Cunningham off to a remote Scottish setting, however Niall Rafferty is soon following their move and seems contempt on revenge. After kidnapping Tom, Niall realizes Steph does not love him as he does her and ends his life. Kris and Malachy head home to Ireland with their father's ashes and discover a family secret. As Malachy Fisher prepares to tell his family of his medical condition, Mercedes heads off after him with Zak and Elliot in tow to tell him she loves him. Sarah, Zoe and Nancy head off on a road trip which leads them to Zoe's old school, where she and Sarah fall out over Zoe's first love - her former teacher. As Ravi seeks forgiveness from Nancy, a drunken Sarah and Zoe show off true feelings and end up sleeping together, only to feel guilty the next day. Dom meets the possible love of his life. Meanwhile, Josh and the Baby Diegos are ecstatic to play at the 'Battle of the Bands' in Liverpool, where the lead members have to come to great decisions about their lives.

Character CastEdit

Craig Dean
Steph Cunningham
Tom Cunningham
Niall Rafferty
Amy Barnes
Dominic Reilly
Justin Burton
Elliot Bevan
Josh Ashworth
Rhys Ashworth
Kris Fisher
Malachy Fisher
Mercedes McQueen
Michaela McQueen
Nancy Hayton
Russ Owen
Ravi Roy
Sarah Barnes
Sasha Valentine
Zak Ramsey
Zoe Carpenter
Loretta Jones
Cheryl Brady
Erin Fisher
Lynsey Nolan


Martin McCormick As Pete
Martin Fisher As Sam Jenkins
Patrick Buchanan As Shane
Rachel Heaton As Bernadette Fisher
The Saturdays As Themselves

Series Two (2009)Edit

The series follows four stories. Rhys, Hannah and Josh Ashworth head off to a music festival. Whilst there, Rhys and Hannah are tempted by love interests Imogen and Jamie, however the pair are not as nice as they seem. Jacqui McQueen and Darren Osborne try their best to convince Tony Hutchinson and Cindy Cunningham not to get married, and Cindy is less than pleased at the appearance of former best friend Savannah. Theresa and Michaela McQueen set off to London where Theresa has an interview with a modelling agency. As they face living on the streets of London, Theresa decides to visit her mother. Jealous Lydia Hart follows girlfriend Sarah Barnes on a camping trip where she finds her getting closer to Zoe Carpenter. Her jealousy leads to a chain of events and the death of one of the group.

Character CastEdit

Jacqui McQueen
Michaela McQueen
Hannah Ashworth
Sarah Barnes
Zoe Carpenter
Lyidia Hart
Theresea McQueen
Cindy Cunningham
Carmel McQueen
Josh Ashworth
Rhys Ashworth
Tony Hutchinson
Darren Osborne
Steph Cunningham Gilly Roach
Fernando Fernandez
Mike Barnes
Holly Cunningham
Kathleen McQueen
Charlotte Lau

Guest CastEdit

Nicola Staplenton as Savannah Madeiros
Finn Jones as Jamie
James Cartwright as Kev
Holly Gilbert as Imogen
Ashley Campbell as Wayne Connor
Daniel Goldenberg as Kingsley
Emily Plumtree as Emma
Kyle Rees as Blue
Bonnie Tyler as herself

Series Three (2010)Edit

The series follows four stories. Riley Costello and his brother Seth Costello as they are invited to a party at a footballer's house and the McAllisters plot their revenge. Jason Costello who is confronted by Fern and admits her gender dysphoria, only to have Fern threaten to tell her family and Bart McQueen. Mercedes Fisher upset over Malachy Fisher and Lynsey Nolan's relationship, lie that she has been infected with HIV by Malachy. Mitzeee Minniver as she teaches Nancy Hayton and a heavily pregnant Theresa McQueen how to become a WAG.

Series Four (2011)Edit

The series follows four stories. Serial killer Silas Blissett targets Theresa McQueen only to kill Rae Wilson. Riley Costello embarks on a stag do along with brother Seth Costello and friends Animal, Doug Carter and Warren Fox whose partner Mitzeee Minniver crashes the stag. Mercedes McQueen embarks on her hen do along with mother Myra McQueen where she meets up with sister Michaela McQueen, cousin Jennifique and old flame Johnny. Ricky Campbell and Duncan Button go to fat camp where Duncan plans to lose weight and his virginity.

Series Five (2012)Edit

Brendan Brady and Joel Dexter kidnap Joel's stepfather Mick Cornus due to his repeated domestic abuse of Joel's mother. Cheryl Brady convinces Brendan to visit their grandmother Flo Brady who has cancer. While being transported from a psychiatric hospital, Mitzeee Minnver Is handcuffed to Lauren who manages to escape, forcing Mitzeee to go with her. Bart McQueen, Jono and Neil Cooper travel to Amsterdam to meet Lola, who Jono met through the internet.

Series Six (2013)Edit

Tony Hutchinson continues to battle cancer while in Spain for his brother Dom Reilly's wedding alongside old friend Rory "Finn" Finnigan and son Harry Thompson. Tony comes up against gangster The White Man after being roped In to cross drugs over by Trevor Royle while he begins seeing visions of his dead friend Kurt Benson. To celebrate her eighteenth birthday Esther Bloom and her girlfriend Tilly Evans, along with friends Holly Cunningham and Callum Kane travel to an isolated house owned by Jade Hedy's. Jade's sinister side is revealed, placing the group in danger. Theresa McQueen visits cousin Louis McQueen who is in the army, leading to a road trip which causes trouble for Louis and Is friends with Duncan Button.