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Hollyoaks is a British soap opera which was first broadcast on Channel 4 on 23 October 1995. It was originally devised by Phil Redmond, who also devised the Channel 4 soap Brookside. The programme is set in a fictional suburb of Chester called Hollyoaks; beginning with a cast of just seven major characters in 1995, the serial now has approximately 50 main cast members. Hollyoaks has a high cast turnover in comparison with other British soaps; as of May 2014, just fifteen characters. have spent 5 years or longer on the show.

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The programme, which is currently the UK's youngest television soap opera, has won 28 British Soap Awards, 11 Inside Soap Awards, one TRIC Award and one National Television Award; at the 2014 British Soap Awards, Hollyoaks won Best British Soap for the first time.

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