Joseph Junior Roscoe

Joejunior roscoe

First Appearance
18 November 2014
Last Appearance
29 November 2016
Lindsey Butterfield (Mother)(Deceased)
Joe Roscoe (Father)(Deceased)
Mercedes McQueen (Stepmother)
Sandy Roscoe (Grandmother)
Freddie Roscoe (Uncle)
Ziggy Roscoe (Uncle)(Deseased)
Robbie Roscoe (Uncle)
Jason Roscoe (Uncle)
Darren Osborne (Uncle)
Lexi Roscoe (Half Sister)
Charlie Dean (Cousin)
Oscar Osborne (Cousin)
Former Homes
Current Home
South Africa
Portrayed by

Joseph Junior "JJ" Roscoe is the biological son of Joe Roscoe and Lindsey Butterfield. Following the death of both parents, his grandmother Sandy Roscoe became his legal guardian.


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