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Jade Hedy
First Appearance
13 September 2013
Last Appearance
11 October 2013
Portrayed By
Former Home

Jade Hedy played by Lucy Gape, made her first on-screen appearance on 13 September 2013. The character was announced by executive producer Bryan Kirkwood on 13 July 2013. Hollyoaks usually introduces freshers as new characters. Kirkwood revealed that Jade is the only new character in the freshers group. He wanted to focus on the established characters Tilly Evans (Lucy Dixon) and George Smith (Steven Roberts) and their transition into university. They will move into a "knackered old student house" which replaces the old student halls set.

Arrival Edit

Jade approaches Esther Bloom (Jazmine Franks) at a Freshers party and introduces herself. She ignores Tilly and later turns up inside her house revealing that landlord Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) has let her move in. In Hollyoaks Later, Jade is seen getting close with Esther which Tilly becomes wary of. Jade suggests the three have a threesome, which Esther and Tilly reluctantly agree to.

Departure Edit

Jade becomes interested in Esther's stitches from her transplant. It is later revealed that this is because Jade's boyfriend was the organ donor. When Jade's boyfriend dies, Jade holds Esther captive in a dark room. Jade then stabs Callum Kane with a samurai sword through his back when he attempts to rescue Esther. Eventually, Esther escapes with Tilly and Jade follows them. This progresses into a chase sequence which ends with Jade falling onto her own knife. Tilly and Esther sit next to Jade and comfort her whilst she dies.

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