"James" redirects here, for the actor portraying John Paul McQueen, see James Sutton, and for the actor portraying Geoff Thorpe, see James Bradshaw.

James Nightingale

James nightingale

First Appearance
12 January 2016
Last Appearance
Portrayed By
Current Home
John Paul McQueen (ex-fiancé)
Harry Thompson (one-night stand)

James Nightingale, played by Gregory Finnegan. He is part of the Nightingale family, and is Mac and Marnie's son.

Characterisation Edit

Stephanie Waring views him as a handsome man and uses his sexuality to get what he wants, James' help to escape bigamy charges. Waring added "he's very alluring and dashing, so of course Cindy is immediately taken in by his knight-in-shining-armour routine."

Arrival Edit

James works as a solicitor and in his first scenes he offers legal advice to Cindy about divorcing Mac.

Intro Edit

  • 2016: James stands in a party with several candelabras around.
  • 2016-: James stands in The Dog with his mother.

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