Joe Roscoe and Mercedes McQueen Story started in February 2015.On 19th February 2015 Joe Roscoe went to Nice, France to help Grace Black frame Freddie Roscoe for murder of her father Fraser Black. Joe Roscoe knocked on the door of the house in Nice. Mercedes McQueen opened the door to Joe Roscoe. Joe Roscoe was shocked to see Mercedes McQueen. Joe Roscoe came inside to talk to Mercedes McQueen. Mercedes McQueen asked Joe Roscoe if he was in to frame Freddie Roscoe, then she showed him Freddie Roscoe hoodie with her blood dried on it. All Joe Roscoe had to do was leave that hoodie in Freddie Roscoe flat He wanted to leave and sleep in the airport but she said she'd got enough room in the house to sleep. Next morning Mercedes McQueen made Joe Roscoe breakfast then she gave him her diary which stated that Freddie Roscoe had killed Mercedes McQueen he got his coat and the other stuff he wasn't going to take the diary. She stopped him before he was going to leave and says "do you want Freddie Roscoe to bring up your son" "No" "I always thought Lindsey was stupid for choosing Freddie over you". Then Joe and Mercedes looked into each others eyes then kissed then they slept together. Later on Joe Roscoe came downstairs and took the diary and left France and went back to Hollyoaks Village.

On 18th May 2015 Mercedes McQueen came back to the village to take herself into the police. Her family was shocked to see her alive. She was sorry to her family,she went to Roscoe's Garage to talk to Phoebe McQueen that's when she saw Joe Roscoe he said "I thought you were dead" when he knew she was already alive.

On 22nd June 2015 Mercedes McQueen was still pregnant with Joe Roscoe baby

On 9th July 2015 Mercedes McQueen still telled Joe Roscoe she was pregnant but he wanted her to abort the baby

On 10th July 2015 Mercedes McQueen was still pregnant she was going to the abortion clinic to get rid of the baby. Freddie Roscoe knew Mercedes McQueen was pregnant. He

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