Joe and Joanne (AKA Joeanne) is the relationship between Joe Roscoe and Joanne Cardsley.

Biography Edit

Joanne betrays her friend James and secures a job at a lawyer firm he was being considered for. Joanne learns that her mother, Janet is dying and James decides to comfort her. Liam sleeps with Joanne for a joke and is worried when she behaves too enthusiastically about the possibility of a relationship. James takes Joanne to visit her mother before she dies. He poses as her boyfriend so that Janet will die believing her daughter has found happiness. James suggests the best way to deal with her grief is too gain revenge against Liam. He suffers from alektorophobia and Joanne releases a chicken in his salon which terrifies him. Joe consoles Joanne when she is upset over her mother and she feels an instant attraction. She then offers to help him with legal issues and informs James of her intention to snare Joe from Mercedes.

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