Joe and Mercedes (AKA Jercedes) is the relationship between Joe Roscoe and Mercedes McQueen.

Biography Edit

Joe Roscoe goes to France to help Grace Black take Freddie Roscoe down for the murder of Mercedes McQueen and Fraser Black. At a villa in France Joe rings the bell then Mercedes answers the door.He seems to be shocked to see Mercedes and he wants to help to take Freddie down.Joe comes inside and sits down and talks to Mercedes. Mercedes says that her family wanted her dead and Joe said her family want her to be alive and they believe Freddie has killed Mercedes.There even planning her funeral. Mercedes knows Joe hates Freddie's guts for taking his fiancee Lindsey Butterfield and his child JJ Roscoe away from him and he would do anything to get rid of Freddie.

Joe and Mercedes start a relationship. Mercedes is pregnant with a baby, Gabriel. However, Mercedes loses the baby. Mercedes moves in, and are happy until Joanne comes onto the scene and plants cocaine on Mercedes who is arrested.

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