Jude Cunningham

Jude cunningham

First Appearance
18 March 1996
Last Appearance
2 November 2016
Escort (1997-?)
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Judith "Jude" Cunningham is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Davinia Taylor from 1996. She joined the show as part of the Cunningham family.

Kill CountEdit


Total: 1

Characterisation Edit

The Daily Record said she was a "Favourite" for being the "saucy Jude Cunningham, who had Lewis well and truly wrapped around her taloned finger".They added that she was "good old Jude" who caused "no end of trouble".

Arrival Edit

Jude tried to blackmail Jack Osborne about being the father of her sister Dawn’s child, but instead, she ended up getting drunk and telling everyone at The Dog public house. She led a colourful life, battling with drink and crippling debts. Jude seemed to be never short of luck, and yet something invariably seemed to go wrong with her fortune and life happily ever after. Jude began life in Hollyoaks studying fashion at Riverbank College but her academic life was short-lived, as she was thrown off her course for cheating. After this, she struggled to meet ends and, due to her irresponsible attitude towards money, was declared bankrupt and left with massive debts to clear. As Jude became increasingly desperate for money, she began working as an escort, but finally gave up after a few bad experiences with clients. Just as Jude began to get her life back together, tragedy struck when her sister Dawnlost her battle with leukaemia. Jude took the news badly, turning to drink to get her through the difficult times. The love of Jude's life was Lewis Richardson, but he split up with her after he grew tired of her lies.

Departure Edit

When her father Gordon's criminal cousin Benny arrived on the scene, Jude soon hooked up with him and started stealing cars to order. As she finally managed to pay off her debts, she bought Parker's and it seemed as if life was starting to get better for her. As always, this was short lived for Jude as she struggled to repay Benny what she owned him. Things turned nasty when Benny trashed Parker's and, to cover her losses, Jude began making illegal booze trips to France. However, this still did not bring enough money for the final instalment to buy her beloved Parker's. Desperate to make a success of her business, Jude agreed to do one last job for Benny. She had to pretend to get married so that Benny could snatch an expensive piece of jewellery stored at a stately home. Unsurprisingly, the plan went wrong and Jude was left as the number one suspect. She was days away from being arrested by the police and had to come up with a quick plan. A desperate Jude had no choice but to leave Hollyoaks. She brought a dark wig, took Dawn's passport, and bid farewell to her surviving sister, Cindy before leaving forever, leaving her father, mother and her brother Max devastated.

2016 Return Edit

A "Mrs Windsor-Davenport" is mentioned frequently by Marnie Nightingale and Grace Black. This is then revealed to be Jude after she arrives to interview Marnie for her request to purchase three houses in her new business settlement. Jude insults Marnie, and hugs Cindy.

Scam & 2016 Departure Edit

She later visits Cindy and is surprised that Cindy lives in a small flat. Whilst going around Hollyoaks with Cindy, she meets Tom who is angry that Jude hasn't called him leaving Jude upset. Whilst as The Dog in the Pond, she encounters Jack who she lashes out on for taking advantage of Dawn, as Jack will never forgive her for ruin his marriage with Celia. Cindy begs Jude to give her a discount for the flats that she is selling and Jude not wanting to sell the flat to Cindy refuses but later agrees.Cindy then sign and crates a petition to get Jude's building company sued and taken off, but then she calls it off so that she can get a discount of a house. The sisters then reconcile. Jude organizes the Hollyoaks "Halloween Spooktacular" in order to promote Royal Oakes, however Cindy discovers that the whole project is a scam, and that Jude is intending to leave with a large bag of money.

Intro Edit

2016-: Jude stands on the balcony with Cindy, smiles at the screen and lets go of red balloons with her.