Kath Butterfield

Kath butterfield

First Appearance
27 April 2015
Last Appearance
Current Character
Kim Butterfield (Twin Sister) Lindsey Roscoe (Sister)
Kim Butterfield (Twin sister) Lindsey Roscoe (Sister), JJ Roscoe (Nephew)
Current Home
Care Home

Kathrine "Kath" Butterfield is the brain damaged twin sister of Kim Butterfield and sister to Lindsey Roscoe. She is portayed by Mikaela Newton. She was first announced on the 24 April 2015. She is revealed to have got her brain damage from an incident at a lake.

Brain Damage Edit

Kath was given brain damage when a psychotic Lindsey pushed her in to the lake to feel powerful and be more closer to Kim. This then triggered multiple events in which patients in Dee Valley Hospital were injected with potassium chloride, sending them into cardiac arrest.

Arrival Edit

Kath was first seen in a care home when Kim was visiting her.