"Katy" redirects here, for Warren Fox's sister, see Katy Fox.

Katy O'Connor

Katy o'connor

First Appearance
22 May 2013
Last Appearance
31 March 2014
Date of Death
1 April 2014 [Aged 11 Months]
Cause of Death
Undiagnosed Heart Problem
Sinead O'Connor (Mother)
Rhys Ashworth (Father)(Deceased)
Freddie Roscoe (Step-Father)
Diane O'Connor (Adopted Grandmother)
Morag O'Connor (Biological Grandmother)
Suzanne Ashworth (Grandmother)
Noel Ashworth (Grandfather)
Neville Ashworth (Great Uncle/Adoptive Grandfather))
Rob O'Connor (Grandfather)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (Half-Sister)
Hannah Ashworth (aunt)
Josh Ashworth (uncle)
Finn O'Connor (uncle)
Beth Clement (aunt) (deceased)

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