Kelly Saunders
First Appearance
5 September 2011
Last Appearance
10 November 2011
Portrayed By

Kelly Saunders, played by Danielle Malone, is first seen taking part in a fit camp. She made her on-screen debut during Hollyoaks Later during September 2011 and will first appear in the main series on 10 October 2011.

Characterisation Edit describe Kelly as "just the girl you want to meet Fit Camp - fun, feisty, and not above sneaking off for a cheeky bar of chocolate." They also said that they liked the character.

Arrival Edit

Kelly first appears when she meets Duncan Button (Dean Aspen) and Ricky Campbell (Ashley Margolis) at a fit camp. She makes friends with them, but Ricky takes a dislike to Kelly. While they are meant to be losing weight, Kelly and Ricky hide away and eat unhealthy food where they bond. Kelly later arrives in the village with Laurence Saywood and Louis Souyaye to spend time with Duncan. Kelly carries on visiting Duncan, however, he feels that she fancies Laurence and not him. Kelly and Duncan tell each other how they feel and start a relationship. They later sleep together for the first time and grow closer.

Departure Edit

After Ricky persuades Kelly to meet Duncan they meet up the next day where Kelly says Duncan needs to get more life experience and needs to grow up but also said he has a good friend in Ricky they then split up for good and Kelly leaves.

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