Kristian Hargreaves


Portrayed by
Max Brown
First Appearance
October 2002
Last Appearance

Kristian Hargreaves played by Max Brown made his first on-screen appearance in October 2002 and his final appearance in 2004.

Storylines Edit

Kristian arrives in Hollyoaks as a student studying molecular biology at Hollyoaks Community College. Kristian moves into Tony Hutchinson’s (Nick Pickard) student house, but when Tony decides to sell up, Kristian has to move to Nick O'Connor (Darren Bransford) and Jodie Nash's (Kate McEnery) flat. Kristian gains female attention from Izzy Cornwell (Elize du Toit), Becca Hayton (Ali Bastian), and Jodie.

Kristian organises a potholing trip, which ends in disaster when both Theo Sankofa (Andrew Somerville) and Jamie Nash (Stefan Booth) die. After recovering, Kristian enters a ‘Big Brother’ style reality show where he attracts many teenage girls, including Lisa Hunter (Gemma Atkinson). Soon, Lisa has a crush on him and Kristian begin to date her but makes her promise to keep it a secret. Kristian realises Lisa is still a virgin. He then dumps her which leads to Lisa seducing Cameron Clark (Ben Gerrard) and losing her virginity to him. She then gets back with Kristian but Lisa’s brother, Dan Hunter (Andrew McNair), finds out about the two dating and warns Kristian off.

Failing to keep any women, Kristian feels lonely and found the company of Jodie as the pair end up sleeping together. This soon ends when Jodie leaves Hollyoaks because she fails her course. Kristian begins to have one-night stands, one such night with Mel Burton (Cassie Powney) leaves her hurt by the way he treats her. He dates Stacey Foxx (Jemma Keys), which turns into a nightmare as she is on his case 24/7 with an annoying laugh. Desperate to get rid of her, he tells Stacey that he is gay and in a relationship with Nick. Kristian then transfers to another university to get away from Stacy.

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