Kurt Benson was the son of Kirk and Juliette Benson, the brother of Ollie and Lucy Benson, and the wife of Ruth Osboure.

Kurt is described as having "two passions in his life - his motorbike and his music". Kurt is "intent on achieving just two things - becoming a rockstar and getting his hands on the desirable Natasha". Kurt is also described as being "despaired at Tony Hutchinson's submissive nature" while his brother Ollie Benson is described as the "constant bane of his life".

Following a brief relationship with Natasha due to her death, Kurt ended up moving on with Natasha's cousin, Ruth Osbourne, marrying her in 1997. However, their marriage hit the rocks when Kurt was accused of attempted murder after accidentally pushing Spike off scaffolding in 1998, and Kurt left Hollyoaks in January 1999. However, Kurt would later die in a jet ski accident in June 1999.


1995-1998: Feud with Rob and marriage to RuthEdit

Kurt was friends with Tony Hutchinson and Jambo Bolton and had his heart set on winning Natasha Anderson as his girlfriend. Tragedy struck before the two could really get together, and her death started a deadly feud with Rob Hawthorne.

He moved on to Ruth Osborne (Natasha's cousin), and after a rocky start to their relationship, they ended up getting married. As a result, Kurt and Ruth became icons for all teenagers in love, demonstrating that love can conquer all. Their decision to marry was provoked by the trouble Kurt had got himself into after injuring Spike. Kurt had caught Spike making a play for Ruth and, in his attempt to protect her, he pushed Spike, causing him to fall from the scaffolding. As a result, Kurt was accused of attempted murder and was certain that he would be found guilty. He took off to Hull, sensing that Ruth doubted his innocence.

1999: DepartureEdit

After much soul-searching, Ruth and Kurt decided to call it a day. "I am going to let everyone get on with their lives. I am going to go away to grow up, so we can both work out what we really want…" Kurt said, and he left, promising Ruth that he would always be her friend. Tragically, just six months after saying goodbye, he was killed in a jet ski accident. Lucy later found out the accident had been caused by Rob but it turned out to have been a random hit and run and Rob had told people he killed him to look hard.

2013: Posthumous returnEdit

Kurt returned in Hollyoaks Later in 2013, fourteen years after his last appearance. He appeared as a vision in Tony Hutchinson's mind, and protecting his godson Harry Thompson, son of Tony from danger.

Background informationEdit

  • Kurt was one of the original characters created by Phil Redmond for the show.