Lacey Kane

Lacey kane

First Appearance
23 February 2013
Last Appearance
29 November 2013
Martha Kane (Mother)
Callum Kane (Brother)
Ash Kane (Sister)
Portrayed By
Former Home
Date of Birth
August 28th, 1996 (age 20)

Lacey Kane, played by Georgia Bourke debuted on-screen during the episode airing on 23 February 2012. In January 2012, the serial's producer Emma Smithwick told a columnist for Inside Soap that she wanted to explore Ash (Holly Weston) and Callum Kane's (Laurie Duncan) backstories. She revealed that she planned to introduce "satellite" family members in the process. The first to arrive was their mother, Martha Kane (Carli Norris). The character and Bourke's casting were officially announced on 14 February 2012. As the youngest of the Kane siblings, Lacey moves into family home following some time away.

Characterisation Edit

She was described as being "rarely short of something to say" and presents problems for house guest George Smith (Steven Roberts). Bourke told a reporter from Inside Soap that she found working on Hollyoaks "daunting" at first. She added that she found playing Lacey an enjoyable experience. Bourke said that Lacey has a "childish edge" because she is fifteen years old. Lacey shares a good relationship with her siblings but tends to be sarcastic towards them like a "typical teenager". Bourke said that Lacey is "wary" of George because she does not know him. She thought that Lacey just wanted all the attention for herself because she just moved back in. She wants her family around her and the "big fuss" and does not like the fact that George is there too.

Arrival Edit

Lacey arrives in Hollyoaks when she decides to move back in with her family. She reveals that her father no longer wants her living with him. She takes a dislike to Callum's friend George who is staying with the family and insults him, but she soon accepts him. When Ash is diagnosed with meningitis, Lacey blames herself because she had often wished Ash dead. Lacey talks to Joel Dexter (Andrew Still) and he says that he understands her.

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