Lauren Valentine

Lauren valentine

First Appearance
6 September 2007
Last Appearance
13 August 2010
Leo Valentine (Father)
Valerie Holden (Mother)
Diane Valentine [step mother] Danny Valentine (Brother)
Calvin Valentine & Sonny Valentine (Half-Brothers)
Sasha Valentine (Half-Sister)
Sybil Valentine (Grandmother)
Kathleen-Angel McQueen [half niece]
Portrayed By
Dominique Jackson
Current Home
Former Home

Lauren Valentine is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Dominique Jackson. First appearing in 2007, Lauren was written out of the show in 2010 along with the rest of the Valentine family as part of series producer Paul Marquess's overhaul of the series.

Characterisation Edit

Jackson described the character as "a stroppy, misunderstood teenager" who she never wanted to "blossom her into a Hollyoaks babe".Jackson also said her character "probably not the nicest person". MSN described her as a "bad girl". Channel 4 described her as an "emo kid" who "always likes to make a statement." The Daily Star described her as a "troubled babe".

Arrival Edit

Lauren Valentine arrives in Hollyoaks village as the illegitimate daughter of Leo Valentine who first arrived in the village with her mother Valerie Holden and her brother Danny on 6 September 2007. Valerie leaves them at the Valentine residence and demands that Leo look after them while she sorts out her housing problems. Calvin & Sasha didn't know of Lauren and Danny, and until Lauren calls Leo "dad" they hadn't Leo had been leading a double-life. Lauren and Sasha initially don't get on but when Fletch tries to win Sasha back with a song he writes for her, Lauren helps Fletch improve it. Sasha later laughs at the song and kicks him out. When Valerie decided to stay in Greece, Lauren and Danny were set to join her. However the two decided to stay in Hollyoaks.

Departure Edit

Lauren reveals to both Leo and Valerie that she wants to go to Spain with Valerie to reconnect with her. Out of guilt, Lauren then apologises to Spencer about her scheme and then is being forgiven by him. She later finds out that Valerie isn't going to Spain after all, but is then shocked to hear the rest of the family are joining them and that Spencer is going with them too. They attend the opening launch of the Chez Chez bar that replaces The Loft and they are cheered on as they leave the village.