Leela Lomax

[[Image:Leela Lomax [Kirsty-Leigh Porter]|Familypx]]

Katy Campbell-McQueen [daughter] Johnny McQueen [son in law] Ruby Campbell-McQueen [granddaughter] Annie McQueen-Campbell [sister in law/half sister in law] Jack Campbell [half brother/brother in law] Tori Campbell [half niece/niece in law] Tator Campbell [half nephew/nephew in law] Charlotte Campbell [mother] Luke Campbell [father] Charlotte McQueen [mother in law] Luke McQueen [father in law] Taylor O'Connor [step aunt] Jamie O'Connprle]
30th December 1988 [age 28]
2 Oakdale Drive
Dodger Savage, Darren Osborne, Zack Loveday,
Cameron Campbell [estranged husband] Ziggy Roscoe [widow] deceased
Kirsty-Leigh Porter
Peri Lomax [biological daughter]

Leela Shania Leona Ann Josephine Gillaine Anna Alya Amelia Amanda Michelle Alesha Ali Campbell [previously Roscoe/Campbell) is the daughter of Sam and Danny Lomax and the sister of Tegan and Ste. She has a daughter, Peri, with her childhood sweetheart Cameron, although her parents raised Peri as their own. She first appeared on 24 October 2013.

Leela is a firefighter in the village. She initially has romantic encounters with both Dodger Savage and Darren Osbourne before beginning a relationship with Ziggy Roscoe, which ends when he has an affair with Tegan. She then kisses Lachlan Campbell|Lockie Campbell]], Cameron's brother, unaware of his identity. She ended up getting back together with Cameron before finding out that he was the one that killed her parents, resulting in her and Cameron splitting up. Ziggy and Leela reunited and she proposed to him on Valentines day. They got married in April 2015.

Leela quickly realises that she cannot be married to Ziggy, as she still loves Cameron. Cameron ends up going back to prison for killing Sam Lomax and Danny Lomax, and at the same time Leela's daughter Peri gives birth to a baby girl her first grandchild Steph. Not long after, Ziggy tells Leela that he can't be with her anymore. Leela then lies to Ziggy, telling him that she's pregnant and the baby is his. Ziggy tries to stay with Leela, but he can't and he agrees to stay around only for the sake of the 'baby'. Later on, Ziggy realises that Leela has been lieing to him about being pregnant, when he hears from Charles S'Avage that Leela was never really pregnant.

Some time later, Leela finds out that she is actually pregnant. But does not know who the father is. A few episodes later, the club is evacuated as Liam loses the drugs that Eva gave to him. Whilst waiting outside, Leela feels a pain in her chest and collapse. She is then rushed to hospital, where she discovers that she had a high blood pressure. Celine (who told her the news) said that Leela had to take it easy as it could be life threatening for her and her baby!

In December 2016, on Christmas Day it is Leela and Cameron's wedding day. But things don't go to plan as Leela goes into labour 3 months early! She is rushed to hospital and gives birth to her son Daniel. It is later revealed that the baby is mixed raced and cannot be Cameron's child. Later, the father is revealed to be Louis Loveday.

After Cameron finds out about the baby not being his, he puts Leela in a difficult situation. He makes her choose between him and Daniel. She tells him she needs both of them, as Cameron is her husband and Daniel needs his mum. She then chooses Daniel over Cameron.

Peri organises a trip to the cabin so Leela and Cameron can reconcile she is successful for a while but then Tegan, Leela's sister and Cameron's cousin Courtney find Celine Mcqueen's body and realise that Cameron has murdered her when Cameron finds this out e locks Tegan and Courtney up and goes back to his wife and daughter he admits all of his crimes to Leela and Peri terrified Leela pretends to forgive him and kisses him but knees him in the groin then her and Peri try to escape but fail so Leela's brother Ste bursts the door open hitting Cameron in the process and Leela and Peri get away. Ryan Knight let's Tegan and Courtney free. Cameron is hit with a car being drove by Mac Nightingale and is arrested.

Leela is being stalked by D.S Armstrong and has slept with him.

Intro Edit

2013-2015: Leela pushed a shadow of a man away to show her face.

2015-2016: She dances with Tegan.

2016-: She dances with Tegan and Courtney in the loft.
Perri and leela

Leela and Peri.

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