Leela Lomax-Campbell [previously Roscoe] is a character on Hollyoaks. Leela made her first appearance on the 23rd October 2013 she is also the daughter of Danny Lomax and Sam Lomax and the daughter in law to Alan Roscoe and Sandy Roscoe also the step daughter in law to Fraser Black and Rick Spencer. Leela is the sister in law to Joe Roscoe and Freddie Roscoe also the sister in law by marriage to Lindsey Roscoe. The half sister in law to Darren Osborne, Robbie Roscoe, and Jason Roscoe also the half sister in law by marriage to Nancy Osborne. Leela is the step sister in law to Grace Black and Clare Devine. Leela is the aunt by marriage to JJ Roscoe, Lexi Roscoe also the half aunt by marriage to Oscar Osborne. Leela is the step aunt by marriage to Curtis Royle. and the real sister of Tegan Lomax and the half sister to Ste Hay. She is a mother to Peri Lomax and Daniel Lomax-Loveday. Leela is also the sister in law to Lockie Campbell and the sister in law by marriage to Porsche McQueen. Leela is a fire fighter
Perri and leela

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