Alexandra 'Lexi' Maria-Magdelane Rosa Roscoe is the biological daughter of Freddie Roscoe and his ex wife Lindsey Butterfield. Lindsey told Joe the baby was his, as a way of splitting him and Mercedes up, but after she was born it was revealed Freddie was Lexi's father. Soon after Lexi was born, her biological mother,  Lindsey Butterfield, was killed by serial killer Silas Blissett, after she was revealed as the 'Gloved Handed Killer'. When her biological father, Freddie Roscoe, could not bond with her due to Lindsey Butterfield's attempted murder of him, Lindsey Butterfield's former husband, Joe Roscoe and his fiancee Mercedes McQueen adopted Lexi. Following the death of Joe Roscoe in a tragic halloween disaster, caused by Joe's ex-psychopath-girlfriend Joanne Cardsley, Lexi was taken into the care of Mercedes and Freddie. However, scheming Joanne attempted to put Lexi into care and is currently trying to get paternal grandmother Sandy Roscoe to take Lexi and JJ away from Mercedes as a form of revenge, as she believes Mercedes 'stole' Joe from her.

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