Liam Donovan

Liam donovan

First Appearance
28 March 2016
Last Appearance
11 April 2017
Tracey Donovan (Mother)(Deceased)
Glenn Donovan (Father)
Fraser Black (Step-Father) (deceased)
Adam Donovan (Brother) (Deceased)
Jesse Donovan (Brother)
Grace Black (Half-Sister)
Clare Devine (Half-Sister)
Toby Wilde (Half-Brother)
Trevor Royle (Brother-in-Law)
Maxine Minniver (Sister-in-Law)
Minnie Minniver (Adoptive Niece)
Curtis Royle (Nephew)
Dylan Royle (Nephew-in-Law)
Eva Falco (Girlfriend) (Deceased)
Unborn child with Eva Falco (Deceased)
Iona Campbell(daughter)
Portrayed By

Liam Donovan is part of the other brothers, Jesse Donovan and Adam Donovan. He arrived on 28th March. He is portrayed by Maxim Baldry. In August it was confirmed he is the father of Courtney's now newborn baby "Iona".

Characterisation Edit

liam will "get to know some of the Hollyoaks ladies very well." It's been said that Liam "bails on relationships before things get too serious."

Arrival Edit

Liam is first seen in Dee Valley Hospital kissing a girl. Celine McQueen and Tegan Lomax are interested in him. Celine and Tegan both go out with him, and are annoyed to find out he treated them like that.


Liam kidnaps Esther Bloom in order to get revenge on his sister Grace Black for her killing his girlfriend and Eva Falco and unborn child he threatens to kill Esther but instead asks Grace for 50,000 pounds Grace and Kim Butterfield get the money, Grace then meets Liam gives him the money while he hand Esther who tells Grace she has ruined his life and hates her he get in the car and drives off.

Intro Edit

2016: He and Jesse jump at a circus as red mist surfaces.

2016-2017: He jumps of the balcony, whilst Jesse jumps off the steps into the park.