Lily Drinkwell

Lily drinkwell

First Appearance
6 January 2017
Last Appearance
Current Character
Babs Drinkwell (Mother) (Deceased)
Diane O'Connor & Lynette Drinkwell (Aunts)
Tony Hutchinson (Step-Uncle)
Scott Drinkwell (Adopted Cousin)
Anthony Hutchinson (Cousin)
Rose Lomax (Cousin)
Dee Dee Hutchinson (Adopted Cousin)
Sinead O'Connor (Adopted Cousin)
Finn O'Connor (Adopted Cousin)
Katy O'Connor (Adopted Second-Cousin) (Deceased)
Hannah Hay-O'Connor (Adopted Second-Cousin)
Bella Sharpe (Adopted Second-Cousin)
Portrayed By
Current Home

Lily Drinkwell is a character on Hollyoaks. She made her first appearance on 6 January 2017. She is portrayed by Lauren McQueen. Details about the character including name, family and personality were revealed on 22nd December 2016 during a "#HollyGoss" video.

Characterisation Edit

Lily is the niece of established character Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher). She is billed as a "schoolgirl who's dedicated to her studies but just as feisty as her family members".

Arrival Edit

Lily arrives in Hollyoaks with Diane, her aunt. Diane tells Tony that Babs (Lily's mother) has died and needs somewhere to stay. Tony tells her that Lily can't stay. Lily overhears this and storms out, Tony apologises and allows her into the house. Lily gets annoyed immediately when Neeta Kaur mentions her mother, and leaves school.

Relationship with Prince McQueen Edit

Prince shows immediate interest in Lily and begins flirting with her. Courtney Campbell assigns Lily and Prince to work together for an experiment. The two go out to research but end up spending the day in the village. The two kiss in the playground, which is seen by Courtney. Courtney confronts Lily on it later. Lily tells Courtney that she is not interested in Prince at all. Prince overhears this and leaves.

Intro Edit

  • 2017: Lily swings around the village with an umbrella.
  • 2017: Lily appears in a rowboat under white lights

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