Lily McQueen (née Drinkwell) is a character on Hollyoaks. She made her first appearance on 6 January 2017. She is portrayed by Lauren McQueen. Details about the character including name, family and personality were revealed on 22 December 2016 during a "#HollyGoss" video.

Characterisation Edit

Lily is the niece of established character Diane Hutchinson (Alex Fletcher). She is billed as a "schoolgirl who's dedicated to her studies but just as feisty as her family members".

#Dontfilterfeelings Edit

Lily becomes upset over the car crash and the scar it left. Lily began self-harming. It stays on the down low, until Peri and Yasmine find out. They start a self-harm circle. After the school explosion Tegan sees cuts on Peri's wrists and confronts her. Later on, in a panic she reveals the circle to everyone. Prince then humiliates lily by checking her arm. As we suspected he sees her scars. Diane gets angry with lily. Lily stops but relapses and cuts with dirty instruments, making her contract sepsis and nearly die. Lily is in recovery, and still feel she needs to self-harm. However, with help from her family, friends, boyfriend and councilor she is on the right track and has not harmed herself again. YET!

Arrival Edit

Lily arrives in Hollyoaks with Diane, her aunt. Diane tells Tony that Babs (Lily's mother) has died and needs somewhere to stay. Tony tells her that Lily can't stay. Lily overhears this and storms out, Tony apologises and allows her into the house. Lily gets annoyed immediately when Neeta Kaur mentions her mother, and leaves school. But nevertheless Prince McQueen is on hand to get back at miss Kaur and pulls a prank hoping to impress lily. Will it work???

Relationship with Prince McQueen Edit

Prince shows immediate interest in Lily and begins flirting with her. Courtney Campbell assigns Lily and Prince to work together for an experiment. The two go out to research but end up spending the day in the village. The two kiss in the playground, which is seen by Courtney. Courtney confronts Lily on it later. Lily tells Courtney that she is not interested in Prince at all. Prince overhears this and leaves. They were then dating an on and off relationship. After Prince and Peri Lomax (Lily's best friend) have a one-night stand together, Peri becomes pregnant. However, It is soon revealed that Peri had a false positive on her pregnancy test but pretends to be pregnant and fakes a miscarriage. Her sly behaviour is soon revealed and a few days later Lily proposes to Prince.

Lily and Prince got married on Tuesday 6 March 2018. Prince was late to the ceremony due to his dad kidnapping him. Lily thought he had stood her up and walks out but he comes running and apologises. They are now married and live happily in their own flat (for now)...

Intro Edit

  • 2017: Lily swings around the village with an umbrella.
  • 2017: Lily appears in a rowboat under white lights.